Voice Search Application

Ticketmaster, UX Design, Web Design

Voice Search Application


A ‘concept car’ project to define a superfast, accessible, concert ticketing experience for fans. Project Micron.



Beginning with a Design Sprint style week alongside a dedicated team comprised of Engineering, UX Research & Design. My role in the project included Research & Design. 



Collating and analysing data from both our in-house Data Insights & Product Management teams we discovered some key facts, based around the event discovery and purchase behaviour of global fans.

  • 8 out of 10 visitors came to purchase with a favorite artist/ show in mind.  Rather than browse for inspiration.
  • Only 10% of visitors return more frequently than monthly. Most visit twice per year or monthly.
  • User Journeys starting with a matched search convert to sales over 15% higher than indirect journeys.
  • Our event listing APIs allow for specific searches to be given and returned. Search is currently a user pain point.
  • Voice based search with Machine learning and the listings API would unlock huge potential in both speed to relevant search results as well as offer a strong accessibility feature for users. 
  • A simple checkout widget could be utilised to significantly improve the purchase process.


Web Prototype

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