LAB by Instrumental: Social & Music Platform

Identity & Brand Design, Instrumental, Mobile Web, UX Design

LAB by Instrumental: Social & Music Platform


Creating an online experience (MVP) for developing music artists to network, share rich media and gain skills to develop their audience.



Instrumental. (Head of UX & Design) A new age music business, focused on the discovery and development of the next generation of artists and musicians.



Overall Customer Experience of music artists with the brand.

Brand and Creative direction. 

Digital Product design and development (Product Lead, UX  & UI.)



As a product lead with the support of an artists liaison team and business CEO we set out to achieve two fundamental goals:

  • Identify a repeatable business model through differentiation and innovation in the form of a digital product.
  • Improve the businesses customer experience by providing communication and networking tools for our established demographic of young (16-25 y/o) aspirational music artists.

I was fortunate enough to be part of a year long developing leaders course where I gained amazing insight into techniques to validate demand and subsequently develop a minimum viable product. We did exactly this. 



We iterated through fake door landing pages to assess demand for the product. We produced and ran video ad’s through Facebook and Instagram. 

The facebook ads had a reach of 450’000 achieving 5000 website clicks.

Staggeringly once visitors reached the landing page around 15% committed to purchase access to the product (via call-to-action signup button.) With plans starting at £9.99 per month this showed real potential for gross revenues in excess of £100’000; year one.  


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